ICBMC 2022 | Virtual Conference

2022 7th International Conference on Building Materials and Construction (ICBMC 2022) was successfully held virtually during March 11-14, 2022! The conference consist of 3 keynote speeches, 1 plenary speech, 15 invited speeches and 75 oral presentations. Presenters from around 30 countries and areas gathered via online platform and made excellent presentations. With everyone's support, the 4-day conference was successfully hosted online. Special thanks extended to every individual and committee members for their support and help.

Conference Proceedings

ICBMC 2022 papers were published in:
Vol. 929-Key Engineering Materials (KEM) 【ISBN: 978-3-0364-0158-4】 Online Linkage. Papers have been indexed by Scopus!
Vol. 1067-Materials Science Forum (MSF) 【ISBN: 978-3-0364-0133-1】 Online Linkage. Papers have been indexed by Scopus!
Vol. 336-Solid State Phenomena (SSP) 【ISBN: 978-3-0364-0155-3】 Online Linkage. Papers have been indexed by Scopus!

ICBMC Book Cover

Conference Report

On March 12, Conference Chairs: Prof. C. W. Lim(City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong) and Prof. Tan Kiang Hwee(National University of Singapore, Singapore) delivered the opening remarks and welcome address respectively. Prof. Lim firstly gave conference data about submissions, acceptance rate and registrations etc., explained why the conference was shifted to online. He also thanked all the committees for their contribution to the conference. Finally, he announced the opening of the conference. Later, Prof. Tan introduced the schedule and speakers briefly, welcomed all participants.


After opening remarks and welcome address, Prof. Tan and Prof. Lim chaired the keynote and plenary speeches. Q&A followed after the speeches. Delegates and speakers were actively taking part in the discussion.

Special group photo taken during the conference

There are 3 sessions of 15 invited speeches delivered on March 13 and March 14 respectively. Invited speakers talked mainly on the 3 topics: ☆ Construction Technology and Construction Project Management, ☆ Urban Planning, Municipal Engineering and Disaster Prevention, ☆ Building Materials, Structures and Energy Management. Their talks made the technical program more comprehensive and fruitful.

Closing ceremony was set on March 14. At the beginning, Prof. Tan Kiang Hwee gave the closing remarks. He recapped the highlights during the past 3 days conference, and thanked all the speakers as well as all delegates for their participation! Award ceremony goes after the remarks. Best reviewer awards were announced by Prof. Tan and he expressed gratitude for their great contribution during the review process. Prof. Kyoung Sun Moon and Prof. C. W. Lim announced the best oral presentation winners and congratulated them.

Best Reviewers:

☆ Assoc. Prof. Sarunya Promkotra, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
☆ Dr. Sopokhem Lim, Waseda University, Japan
☆ Dr. Dalia Augustinaite, Vilnius Gediminas technical university. Lithuania
☆ Dr. Koorosh Gharehbaghi, RMIT University, Australia
☆ Assoc. Prof. Bruno B. F. da Costa, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Best Presentation Winners:

Session 1:
☆ Yang Ling, Southeast University, China
Paper Title: Research on Conservation Techniques of Brick-timber building in the Republic of China — A case study of Dewey House
☆ Lang Wu, Tongling University, China
Paper Title: Research on Construction Methods and Restoration Techniques of the Exterior Wall Surfaces of Nanjing’s Modern Buildings
Session 2:
☆ Saurabh Gupta, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
Paper Title: Activity Time Variations and Its Influence on Realizations of Different Critical Paths in a Pert Network: an Empirical Study using Simulations
Session 3:
☆ Sebastian Höhn, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany
Paper Title: User Comfort Versus Sustainability and Energy Efficiency – The Importance of Integral Monitoring of Comfort Parameters as an Equivalent Planning Criterion
Session 4:
☆ Haoru Shen, Wuhan University of Technology, China
Paper Title: Healing Method for the Loneliness of the Empty-nest Elderly in Rural Areas under the Background of Rural Revitalization: A Case Study of H Town in Hubei Province
Session 5:
☆ Shaohang Shi, Tsinghua University, China
Paper Title: Spatial Design Strategies for Lightweight Roofing Buildings Driven by Rain Noise Reduction
Session 6:
☆ Phyoe Wae Hein, Kyoto University, Japan
Paper Title: Failure Analysis of High Strength Cables from Collapsed Myaungmya Suspension Bridge
Session 7:
☆ Ke Yang, Chongqing University, China
Paper Title: Dynamic Response Analysis of Rock Slope with Weak Layer based on DOE Method
Session 8:
☆ Marta Skaf, Universidad de Burgos, Spain
Paper Title: Research on Sustainable Bituminous Mixture for Permeable Wearing Layers in Road Pavements
Session 9:
☆ Ahmed Deifalla, Future University in Egypt, Egypt
Paper Title: Evaluate Effect of Various Parameters on Shear Strength of FRP-Reinforced Concrete Beams with or without Stirrups